First Timer Questions: What Should I Wear Skiing or Snowboarding?

Kat from Mount Norquay Ski Resort answers your question!

Dress in layers!

  • Start with a nice thin base layer to keep you dry
  • A warmer mid-layer like a sweater or a smaller jacket
  • A waterproof outer layer, jacket, and snow pants
  • Warm mitts, gloves, and a hat

What Kat loves about Norquay:

What I really love about Norquay is that there’s a super accessible and friendly terrain for everybody. Whether it’s your first time here or your first time in the mountains, or maybe you’re looking to advance your skills in our terrain park or on some of our steeper runs, there’s something everyone in the family will enjoy. Once you start coming to Norquay, it feels like you’re part of a super-inclusive and supportive environment. And we’re only 10 minutes from Banff!

Mt Norquay is Banff’s closest ski resort and is only an hour drive from Calgary. See more details about Mt Norquay.


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