Tips For Heading Out

Getting started is easy with a little help! Skiing and snowboarding is fun and exciting, however getting ready and being on snow for the first time may seem a bit intimidating. We want you to have fun on snow, so here are a few tips to make it the best possible experience.

1. Plan To Take A Lesson

If you have never been on snow before or have only given it a try once or twice the single best advice is to TAKE A LESSON from a professional. Every ski area offers all sorts of group or private lesson packages to fit your schedule. Getting instruction from a professional will not only teach you how to ski or snowboard properly and quickly but will also familiarize you with the ski or snowboard equipment, different types of ski lifts you will be using and where to or where not to be skiing or boarding on the hill. Phone or go online and get information in advance of your arrival to book a lesson or find out lesson times.

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2. Know The Alpine Responsibility Code

Because of the individual nature of the sport and the environment of all ski areas being on snow is both challenging and rewarding to each and every participant, however it also means that participants outside of lesson times cannot be supervised by resort staff. As such it is not recommended that children under 12 years of age ski or snowboard unaccompanied. Children when not in a lesson are responsible for their choice of where to ski or board and their individual behaviour. All participants must obey the Alpine Responsibility Code while on the hill. The Alpine Responsibility code is a set of 10 ski and snowboarding rules and it is important that you familiarize yourself with this code.

See the Alpine Responsibility Code

3. Before You Get On The Road

Check out the latest travel conditions.

Check the Weather – Winter in Alberta can be the most beautiful time of the year, but the weather can rapidly change. As such, always check the weather and temperature forecast for both the ski area and your roads to the hill.

Check the Road Reports – Winter driving means always being prepared for cold, snowy or icy conditions and varying road conditions. Always take a winter emergency road kit with you on your journey and make sure someone else knows what your travel plans are. While winter tires are not legilated in Alberta, good winter or all-weather tires are recommended when travelling on many winter/mountain roads.

Have a checklist for your equipment – Nothing is worse than arriving and realizing you have forgotten something. Skis-Boots- Poles-Helmet-proper ski wear etc. should all be on your list and checked as you load them for the trip. This is particularly important for the Kids.

4. Renting Equipment

Renting equipment is the best and most economical way to introduce you and your family to the sport. Most ski areas offer a variety of rental options at their rental shops. Affordable equipment packages are available for everyone. If you plan to ski on a regular basis, purchasing your own equipment is a great investment.

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5. Season Passes, Day Lift Tickets and Special Deals

If you plan to ski or board on a regular basis at the same ski area, then a season pass will be the best possible deal. Many ski areas also offer special deals such as “Discount Cards” or online pre-purchase day tickets, that provide far better value than purchasing from the ticket window.

Families are very important to the ski industry and almost all resorts have put together very affordable packages for the family. Family Season Lift Passes, and Family day passes all provide the best price for a family whether you are just starting out or ski and board regularly. Remember, skiing and snowboarding are one of the few winter sports you can actually participate in together as a family. It is fantastic family fun.

We sincerely want to help you start skiing in the most affordable and fun way possible so please contact your ski area for further information to help you get started.

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