Ski Lessons in Your Language

Here at Go Ski Alberta, we believe skiing is for everyone. But we also understand that there are a variety of barriers which might make beginners hesitant to take that first step. Language shouldn’t be one of them.

If you or your friends have ever put off taking ski lessons because you’re not sure if you’ll be able to understand the instructor, help is at hand. Alberta’s ski hills employ instructors from all over the world as well as locals who are fluent in many languages, and many resorts offer ski lessons in languages other than English.

In this video, Misayo, a ski instructor at Lake Louse snow school, tells us about teaching students in Japanese.



10-year-old student, Zen, was quick to learn – finding his hockey and skating skills translated well to the slopes. He said: “I like that she can speak Japanese. The same background I have.”

Misayo also talks about the benefits of Lake Louise Ski Resort’s new Juniper Chair Lift, saying: “It’s fantastic because it’s a fast chair, meaning you can get many laps in. And also it’s a quiet chair; When teaching intermediate level or beginners, they’re usually nervous about others coming close to them. So a quiet chair is really helpful – they don’t have to worry about others, so we can focus on technique and building confidence.”

Alberta offers some of the best skiing locations in the world and we want everyone to be able to experience them.

Contact your local ski hill to find out which languages their instructors can teach in so you can get the most from your lesson.

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Author: Go Ski Alberta