Photo of Kelsey in ski school

Kelsey’s Story

Mama Goals: Back to the Slopes – and Snow School – to Prepare for Family Ski Days

Living in a thriving ski community can have you feeling nostalgic about those childhood snow days at your hometown hill. Whether you’re missing the thrill, the turns or just spending some time outdoors during the long winters – this could be your sign to get reunited with the slopes.

For Kelsey Wagner, it was time to dust off the skis, strap in, and head to her local ski resort to build her confidence up once more. Although Kelsey wasn’t new to snow sports and the ski culture – having previous experience in both skiing and snowboarding – she thought it was time to perfect her abilities so she can shred with her little girl Madeline – currently 14 months – in the future.

With the intention of having fun family time at her local ski resort during the winter and watching her daughter learn to snowboard alongside other children, Kelsey reached out to her local hill to book some ski lessons, so that she could ride the slopes by her daughter’s side.

Photo of Kelsey in ski school

Initially, Kelsey booked a private ski lesson. Skiing was always her stronger sport between that and snowboarding, so she decided that was the way to go. Terrified and nervous about returning to something new as an adult, Kelsey found herself back on the slopes with skills way more advanced than she even anticipated.

A learning curve came her way when she went to the ski resort for the second time alone and took a bad fall that knocked her confidence.

“That’s when I decided to enroll onto the ‘Learn to Turn’ program,” Kelsey explains.

Photo of Kelsey in ski school

Snow School isn’t just for first timers, but for those looking to fall back in love with snow sports again – as instructors are experts in tailoring group lessons to an individual’s needs. In Kelsey’s case, with having more experience than a true beginner, the team were able to take her skill level into consideration and then place her into the appropriate classes.

“More than anything it was about building my confidence again; lessons teach you to stop and be in control, which is really important as an adult for safety reasons, which makes me much more comfortable to think about Madeline joining me on the slopes in future seasons.”

As expected, Kelsey is finding learning to ski as an adult different than her experience as a child. She is working on the skills that will allow her to feel comfortable skiing downhill, with control, where she can join her husband, and keep an eye on her daughter when she herself is learning to snowboard.

Lots of snowy fun-filled days are heading Kelsey and her family’s way in the future!

Photo of Kelsey skiing at Pass Powderkeg

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