Jill Bodkin

I’ll Be Home to Ski: Jill Bodkin

Jill Bodkin grew up in Banff and learned to ski on the slopes of Mt. Norquay with her family who were well-known for their “Norquay Condo”, a trailer they used to warm up in that they parked in the Norquay lot on ski days. For a brief period, she even taught ski lessons on the hill. “I loved it, the Big Chair was my wonderful place to be with friends,” says Jill who remembers back on her childhood.

After years of skiing, Jill’s job and personal life took her to Vancouver and away from her passion of skiing. When she would return to ski once a year, she wasn’t enjoying it as much, not having the same skill she was used to having on the mountain. “I quit with a bad attitude, and I thought to myself, I’m going to start again with a good one,” remarks Jill, and that’s when she decided to take adult lessons.

Living in Vancouver, Jill still chooses Norquay has her mountain of choice. When she comes back to visit her family, she books her lesson and get out on the hill.

“It is my favourite mountain to ski on. It’s the best grooming in the world and the ski school is fabulous. You see the instructors out on their own training and see so many families with kids starting; it seems to be a mountain where people come to learn and get better. I’m a good skier but I want to be better and better,” says Jill.

Five years ago, Jill started skiing regularly again; she even racked up 84 days on her pass last year. Her senior’s pass affords her a great deal and she’s reconnected with old friends from Banff who never stopped skiing. After her refresher lessons, she’s now keeping up with them again and enjoys the social aspect of grabbing a cup of coffee in the lodge after a good morning of runs.

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