Paul Quan Downhill Skiing

Get to Know: Paul Quan

When Paul Quan moved from Medicine Hat to Calgary in 1962, his friends introduced him to skiing. Not your typical beginner’s story, Paul learned to ski at Bow Summit by ski touring his way up the mountain. What would be intimidating for most only encouraged Paul to stick with the sport.

Paul Quan Skiing

After the 1988 Calgary Olympics, where Paul had volunteered with the police force for security, he was so impressed with the facilities at WinSport that he decided to keep up his volunteerism on the ski hill and the skating rink. Paul finds his passion in helping others learn to ski. “When I see them struggling, I give them some pointers, and by the end of the day they’re giving me a thumbs up. It’s rewarding to me when people are happy to learn the sport. It lasts a lifetime and they can pass it on to their family and friends,” says Paul.

Paul skis regularly throughout the week for a couple of hours at WinSport and while he holds passes to many ski areas in Alberta, he likes the convenience of it being so close to home. If you meet Paul on the hill, be sure to introduce yourself in the Lodge afterwards when you’re not all bundled up!

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