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Get to Know: Kiersten Vincett

Kiersten Vincett, is just one athlete out of many, who have put Valley Ski Hill on the map. Starting her ski career at the mere age of two and a half, she was whizzing down the hill in races by the time she was five. She progressed in the Nancy Greene River Valley Series until she was 10 and only went up from there.

It wasn’t long ago that Kiersten switched over to ski cross and is now skiing with the Alberta Ski Cross team, working hard to get up to the National team. “This has been a great challenge for me as an athlete to transfer over to ski cross,” says Kiersten. It’s skiers like Kiersten that continue to build the community at Valley Ski Hill and make a mark, showing that this hill is the perfect training ground for anyone looking to pursue a career in skiing.

Kiersten Vincett Ski Racing

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