Gord Mackenzie

Get to Know: Gord Mackenzie

We have been incredibly lucky to have Gord Mackenzie working beside us for the last couple of years. He is a dedicated hard working volunteer for Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) Edmonton. CADS Edmonton built a new clubhouse at our resort, and Gord has been instrumental in ensuring the completion of this facility. He spends his summers living down at the hill maintaining the CADS building and equipment and is always offering a helping hand to any projects we may have on the go.

CADS Equipment

Even though he is not a Rabbit Hill employee, it truly feels as if he is part of our team. When it comes to our guests and staff Gord welcomes them to the area with a big smile and warm greeting. During the winter months you can find him volunteering with students attending field trips experience the joy of skiing. Many of these kids may not think skiing is an option for them, but Gord is quick to knock down that barrier to share his love of the sport.

Oh, and did I mention Gord is in his 80’s!? Our staff often look up to Gord and make goals to be that active in the ski community when they reach his age! He is a dedicated volunteer, hard worker, and a great brand ambassador for Rabbit Hill Snow Resort.

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