Get to Know: Camille Ducharme

Going the extra mile is what Canadian Ski Patrol Leader, Camille Ducharme is known for in the Northern region of Alberta. From helping new riders on the lift and showing them how they can seek help from the hill’s staff, to teaching students, young and old, how to be a collaborative team member, and always recognizing the efforts of her colleagues and fellow ski staff. She is humble, keen, and passionate about educating everyone on the hill and she does an incredible job of demonstrating to staff, fellow patrols, and the public what it means to belong to a small ski area.

As both a leader and Snow Patrol representative she is always working with local hills, such as Misery Mountain to ensure all efforts are going towards reaching the same goals. If you see her on the hill, be sure to give her a nod, as she’ll likely learn your name quickly and ensure you’re a part of the community in no time!

Go Ski Alberta
Author: Go Ski Alberta