First Timer Questions: Is Skiing or Snowboarding Expensive?

Arney from Sunshine Village Ski Resort answers your question!

When first starting out, there are a few affordable alternatives to buying brand new gear. You can choose to:

  • Rent directly from your favourite ski hill when you visit
  • Take advantage of local gear swaps throughout the season
  • Borrow items from friends or family

Most ski areas offer affordable rental options for your day on the hills. Find local ski hills near you.

An affordable way to visit ski hills is to take advantage of Community Ski Days. Ask your local ski hill for eligibility. Most Hills also offer loyalty cards, which allow you to have a few free days and discounted day tickets throughout the season.

What Arney loves about Sunshine Village Ski Resort:

What makes Sunshine Village great for beginners is our super mellow terrain. Every chair lift, except for one, has a green run going down, which makes it great for beginners to go up all the chairlifts, experience all the epic views and ski all around the mountain.

What I love about Sunshine is how high up the mountain you get. When you get to the top of the chairlifts and look out, it’s all backcountry views. You don’t see any structures, highways, and you don’t hear any cars. It’s just you, nature, shredding pow, and experiencing the epic views!


Home to three sprawling mountains that provide distinct, uninterrupted views, Banff Sunshine Village sits on the continental divide allowing you to ski and snowboard in both Alberta and BC at the same time. See more details about Sunshine Village Ski Resort.

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