Castle Chariot Race

New for this season! Let’s welcome the Chariot Race to Castle Mountain Resort’s list of Spring Events! This event requires groups to pre-make a cardboard chariot using only cardboard, duct-tape, and paper, and pull the thing through a twisty and turny course to win!

Race Details:

Each team only gets one run! Those riding in the chariot must be seated before the teams may begin. Once seated their team of pullers must hula hoop a total of 10 times each, then run to their chariot and begin pulling. The course will be windy and twisty, test your legs and pull/push your team mate around. Once you reach the end, your chariot rider must get out and get dressed in the gear provided! First one to get dressed and cross that finish line wins!


Plus March 23 is Jersey Day and Beats at the Base runs from 2-5pm!

The event is finished.


Mar 23 2024


All Day

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