Terrain Parks

One of the most exciting developments in the ski industry has been the creation of Terrain parks. A terrain park is an area within the Resort that has numerous man made obstacles, jumps and other features that challenge skiers and snowboarders. Examples of these are:

rail slides



Photos Courtesy of Rabbit Hill Snow Resort 


Photos Courtesy of Rabbit Hill Snow Resort 
Other types of features

Imagination is the only limitation to what today’s park designers are building to keep the terrain park exciting and new. Contact your Resort to see what they have been up to!!

Although each terrain Park feature will have a varying degree of difficulty it is important that you have a suitable skill level before you venture into a terrain park. Varying snow conditions , grooming and weather can change the difficulty of each feature from day to day and caution should always be used when riding in any terrain park. Most Resorts that have Terrain parks will offer lessons and advice on using their park. Helmets are STRONGLY RECCOMMENDED while in the park and are MANDATORY at many of the Alberta Resorts terrain park areas. You should contact the resort you are interested in to find out if they have a terrain park and their terrain park policies and rules before you arrive.

Look Before You Leap!!