For the Snowboarder

Snowboarding originated in the 1960’s and has long become very popular among ski areas world-wide. There are a few different styles of snowboarding including Freeride, Freestyle & Free-carve.


Freeriding is the most common style of snowboarding and refers to basically riding down any terrain that is available to the rider.


Freestyle boarding mostly takes place in Terrain Parks where riders can perform a variety of tricks on man-made terrain such as rails, boxes, jumps and other innovative features particular to that resort.



The least practiced of the 3 styles is Free-carve which is a racing style of snowboarding. Sometimes referred to as ’euro-carve’, this type of snowboarding takes place mostly on groomed runs or hard packed snow.freecarve

Take a Lesson!

Many beginning snowboarders find adapting to the sport frustrating, creating a demand for snowboarding lessons, and ski schools offer lessons for snowboarders as well. Snowboard manufacturers have also developed boards specifically targeted at first time riders. Some techniques used to improve snowboarding ability include videos, online instruction, watching more experienced riders, and offseason training by skateboarding. The key to training, however, is practice, and with persistence, most snowboarders are able to ride safely and comfortably