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Before You Get on the Road

Check the Weather

Winter in Alberta can be the most beautiful time of the year but it also offers rapidly changing weather patterns. As such always check what the weather and temperature is going to be both at the Resort and on the journey to the Resort.

Check the Road Reports

Winter driving means always being prepared for cold, snowy or icy conditions and varying road conditions. Road reports are available on line and if you are not usre make a few phone calls to verify what the roads are like. Always take a winter emergency road kit with you on your journey and make sure someone else knows what your travel plans are.

Have a check list for your equipment

Nothing is worse than arriving at the Resort and realizing you have forgotten something. Skis –Boots- Poles-Helmet- proper ski wear etc. should all be on your list and checked as you load them for the trip. This is particularly important for the Kids.

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